The Fauna Experience

The reception will take place during the afternoon of the first day.

After breakfast of the second day, we will move to the hide of Iberian lynx where the user will be installed for the rest of the day waiting to see if he/she is able to spot and photograph the cat. Naturoots will provide a picnic-type meal to consume inside the hide. To avoid discomfort to the fauna, the entrance and exit of the hide will be carried out always under the supervision of the company guide. We will return to the accommodation at sunset.

After breakfast on the third day, we will descent to the Jándula River with the objective of observing the otter in its habitat. Depending on the development and result of this experience, around midmorning we will ascend to a public road from where you can see a huge amount of Mediterranean forest, with great possibility of sighting the lynx and a large number of birds that fly over this environment, and wild ungulates. After having lunch in the the Reserve we will make the transfer to the meeting point. Once there the activity will be finished.

Price: 390 euros per person.


  • It is important to have comfortable footwear and clothing, according with the season.
  • It is recommended to bring your own water bottle; the company will not provide plastic bottles with the picnic, although a glass bottle will be given to anyone who asks for it.
  • This activity is thought from a maximum of respect to nature and to its main charachters, we take for granted that the group will have a faultless ethical behavior in this aspect.