Iberian lynx observation in a private farm


Come with us to one of the best farms in the Sierra de Andújar, an exclusive place with a high success rate in lynx observation.


Come with us to one of the best farms in the Sierra de Andújar, an exclusive place with a high success rate in lynx observation

Daniel Risueño

Guide and founder

«Welcome to our more exclusive experience. If you have any question you can talk with me in the left side whatsapp boton»

Sierra Andújar

Discover the land that protect this jewel of the european nature

Lynx, landscape and wildlife

In this area you can see other important animals like spanish imperial eagle or black vulture

Specialized guides

Explore with our guides the best areas between private states and public places

Get into the Sierra de Andújar and discover its landscapes with the guide of a specialist in its natural heritage. An experience that goes beyond seeing the lynx.


Optical material

If you don´t have we give you binoculars for the day. Besides we have two scopes

Access to private property

The property has a big density of lynxes and its observation is relatively easy


All movements across the lynx land are drived by our guides

And a lot of passion

Middle day (5 hours aprox)


per person (3 o more)

Limited number of places each week

Full day (9 hours aprox.)


per person (3 o more)

Limited number of places each week


We are waiting for you in one of the best places to observe the Iberian lynx in the wild, a unique farm where you will have exclusive access with our guides.

 «Naturoots was created with the aim of intertwining development and conservation in rural areas. During the years that we have been working and living in the area, we have tried to contribute to the local situation of the Iberian lynx directly, with concrete and tangible actions on the ground, and indirectly, through the dissemination of the reality of this feline and the environmental problems that this mountain range is going through».

Graduated in Forestal Engineering and Máster in protected natural areas

«At the beginning of the century, with barely 100 lynxes in the wild, the Sierra Andújar had one of the last two populations of the species, being also the one with the greatest genetic viability.»

Junta de Andalucía

Frequently Asked Questions

The activity is available all days?

Yes, as long as you have not booked the 2 daily routes. If you want to experience the exploration in search of the Iberian lynx, don’t wait until the last minute to make your reservation.

Best time to do it?

Lynx are present in the territory all year round, although they are more active in the cooler months (December-February). On the other hand, it is possible to observe cubs in April and May.

What we need to bring?

The company’s 4×4 is equipped with binoculars and telescopes for customers. Wear comfortable clothes suitable for the time of year, and a warm coat in winter so that you don’t get cold during the observations. Don’t forget to bring water and food for the duration of the route.

What we expect from you?

Just one thing: respect for nature and the environment, and keep your eyes open.  🐾​


We do a maximum of 2 departures per day. Please, if you really want to experience the iberian lynx safari don't put off your reservation.


By booking you contribute to the conservation of El Altozano Ecological Reserve.

Thanks to the income from the Lynx Route and other experiences, we have increased the population of wild rabbits (essential in this ecosystem).

To this end, we have built auxiliary burrows. And we have also created the only water source for wildlife during the summer. The amphibians love it.

Below are photos of the work.

You make it happen!



Al reservar contribuyes a la conservación de la Reserva Ecológica El Altozano

Naturoots inició en el año 2017 la gestión de la finca El Altozano (Sierra Andújar).

Poco tiempo después, conseguimos que este espacio natural fuera declarado Reserva Ecológica, figura orientada a la conservación que se otorga a fincas privadas en Andalucía.

Gracias a los ingresos de la Ruta del Lince y otras experiencia hemos aumentado la población de conejos de monte (esencial en este ecosistema).

Para ello, hemos construido madrigueras auxiliares. Y también hemos creado la única fuente de agua para la fauna salvaje durante el verano. A los anfibios les encanta.

Abajo tienes fotos de su creación.

¡Tú lo haces realidad!

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