Iberian lynx hides

The Sierra de Andújar has the privilege of being the great bastion of the Iberian lynx, a species endemic to the Iberian Peninsula which, mainly due to habitat destruction and the reduction of rabbit populations, was on the verge of extinction at the beginning of the century, and holds the dubious title of being the most endangered feline on the planet. Fortunately, the situation was remedied in time, and after great efforts ranging from captive breeding and reintroduction of the species to the reinforcement of wild rabbit populations, the lynx is once again recovering the territories that belonged to it.

In the Sierra de Andújar we have hides for photographing this species, offering very good guarantees of success. The hides are open, without spy glass, and the distances to the specimens are usually around 15 metres.



Activity description:

The activity begins at first hour in the morning. The photographers will spend two 5-hour sessions in the hides. Bathroom facilities are available if necessary. There are artificial lights to make the days a little longer, always resting in the middle of the day.

Activity season:  All year long

Price per person and day: 180€