Deer rutting


Resume: Enjoy the red deer rutting season either in private states or public areas.

Group: Max. 10 people.


Middle day

3 or more people; 40 euros/per.

2 people; 50 euros/per.

1 person; 70 euros/per.

Complete day

3 people; 65 euros/per.

2 people; 75 euros/per.

1 person; 100 euros/per.

*If you want to enjoy this experience in a private state, the rates will increase in 10 euros/pax.

Time of year: mid-September to mid-October.

Observable species: We will focus on the red deer, although we can also observe fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar, Iberian lynx, Iberian imperial eagle, golden eagle, griffon vulture, black vulture, sparrow hawk, owl, and a large number of species of forest birds, among many others.


Activity description:

During the first stages of autumn, a wild spectacle takes place in our mountains that is difficult to describe in words. The dehesas of Sierra Morena are silent witnesses of the rutting of the deer, when the females of this species come into heat and unleash a brutal competition to see which individual will mate with them and give continuity to their lineage. The males roar and clash their horns, disputing the territory and the females that roam it.


This Mediterranean enclave, due to the local importance of hunting, is one of the best places in our country to enjoy it, and apart from the abundance of deer, we can also hear the snoring of the fallow deer or the cackling of the imperial eagle.

Among so much commotion, there is one animal that will not participate in this feast of sound. In fact, if we are not attentive, it could pass by us without arousing suspicion. It is the ghost of the Mediterranean scrubland, the Iberian lynx. The area to be visited has an abundant population of this species, and we will put all our resources in trying to observe this feline levitating through the still dry grass after the summer.


Both the high temperatures of early autumn in Sierra Morena and the activity of the deer force us to start the day very early. For this experience we propose two possibilities; half day (observation of the rut at dawn and workshop) or full day (observation of the rut at dawn, workshop, stop for meal and rest and return in the evening to observation of the rut at dusk).

Thus, at dawn we will move to the best areas to feel the rut, where we will enjoy the bellowing of the deer thundering in the mountain reliefs.

At midday, when the heat forces us to take shelter from the sun, we will go to the Ecological Reserve El Altozano, where we will have a short workshop on the rutting of the deer.

If the full day is contracted, the experience stops at this time, giving time for the meal and rest in the hottest hours.

By mid-afternoon we will return to the 4×4 to move again to the territory where the deers have activity.



  • For these sessions it is recommended to have the appropriate optical material for the sighting distance, although the company has two telescopes that will be at the service of the clients.
  • Comfortable clothing
  • This activity is designed with the utmost respect for nature and its protagonists, we take it for granted that the group will have an impeccable ethical behavior in this regard