River route


Resume: Walking activity across the Jandula River, where we can enjoy a lot of animal species.

Group: Max. 10 people.


3 o more people; 35 euros/per.

2 people; 45 euros/per.

1 person; 60 euros/per.

Activity season:  From September to June

Observable species: Iberian lynx, Red deer, Fallow deer, Mouflon, Wild boar, Otter, Iberian imperial eagle, Golden eagle, Booted eagle, Griffon vulture, Black vulture, Buzzard buzzard, Ghost hawk and a large number of forest bird species.


Activity description:

To enjoy a mainly ornithological route of half a day, either in the morning or afternoon, this is the perfect option.

The Jándula River, the main artery of the Sierra de Andújar that flows into the Guadalquivir, forms a beautiful riparian forest on its way through the Mediterranean forests of the large mountain farms, home to a large number of passerine species.

In turn, the water resource, limiting in this enclave in the hottest months, attracts several species of mammals such as deer and lynx, while the otter finds its favorite habitat in these waters.

The experience will consist of a half day of waiting and sighting species on the river banks, either starting in the morning until noon or starting in the mid-afternoon and ending at last light. The pick-up point will be previously agreed upon, and travel will be in company cars.


  • For these sessions it is recommended to have the appropriate optical material for the sighting distance, although the company has two telescopes that will be at the service of the clients.
  • Comfortable clothing appropriate for the time of year.
  • This activity is thought from a maximum respect for nature and its protagonists, we take for granted that the group will have an impeccable ethical behavior in this aspect.