Iberian Lynx Tour

Technical details:

Summary: Join us on a 4 full day tour designed to observe, learn about and photograph the Iberian lynx in the population that was most important in its survival, accessing with us the best private estates in the area.

Maximum group size: 8 people


1 person; 700 euros

2 people; 450 euros/per.

3 or more people; 400 euros/per.

Time of year: From mid-September to the end of May.

What’s included: Three full days of observation with exclusive access to private estates and a lynx hide session.

*We can help you with the accommodation reserve.


The Sierra de Andújar was, at the beginning of the century, the last viable population of Iberian lynx in the world. From here, specimens were sent to the other surviving population, Doñana, where the lack of genetic variability prevented their evolution. The captive breeding centres, which would later become the driving force behind the recovery of the lynx on the peninsula, were also nourished by the felines that survived in the valleys and hills of this mountain range.

More than two decades after the most critical moment for the species, the lynxes of the Sierra Morena still retain a particular mysticism. Watching a lynx on the large granite boulders that form its landscape is a unique experience.

For them we have designed a 4-day tour in which we will visit the best mountain enclaves in search of the elusive feline. With access to some of the best lynx farms, we will combine the public areas of the Sierra de Andújar Natural Park with waiting and exclusive routes, as well as including a lynx hide session to try to get close-up photographs.