If you prefer the experience of watching and photographing species outdoors in places with a wide vision field form prudential distances we make it possible. This activity can take place both in the Reserva Ecologica “El Altozano”, located in a privileged spot in the Sierra de Andujar, as in public places well known for its hi rate of success in fauna´s observation. Why don´t you join us in this unforgettable experience.

This activity has full flexibility both in duration and in the activities that are desired to be carried out. Depending on what you want we can make either more specific sessions focused specifically in one specie or be more divulgative and diverse, you choose.

As an example we propose a full time experience during that will let you enjoy the Mediterranean forest in all its splendour.

Activity description:

The journey will start early in the morning and after picking up the clients at their hotel we will go to the proximities of the river Jándula to try to see the otter, fun and elusive mammalian that has this river course as home. In our way we will have to be with eyes wide open since animal activity is usually very high at this time, ungulates like deers in the forest, herons that look out over the river or the flight of big scavengers that rise using thermal flows at the same rhythm that the sun rises.

We will then move on to a privileged spot, located on a public road, where a huge wild terrain will stand in front of us. In this environment we can find the most threatened feline of the world, the Iberian lynx. As before, on our way we will find some characteristic species of the Mediterranean forest like deer, fallow deer, Mouflons, Wild boars or mountain goats. The duration of this activity will depend in our success and patience. Of course we can never forget to look up to the sky, in the Sierra de Andújar we can find 48 % of the birds with presence in Spain and it is one of the best locations in Europe for “Birdwathcing”.

By the time appetite appears, the scenario will change depending on the preferences of the client; we can either have lunch in the same place while we try to see the lynx or in another beautiful spot. Depends on the fauna we stay looking for a lynx or we change to see another locations.

Local transportation is included.

Observable species:

Iberian lynx, Deer, Fallow deer, Mouflon, Wild boar, Otter, Iberian imperial eagle, Golden eagle, Booted eagle, Bonelli’s eagle, Griffon vulture, Black vulture, Buzzard buzzard and a large number of forest bird species.


  • Adequate optical material, we count with to telescopes that will be available for everyone to use.
  • Bring warm clothing and shoes according with the season in which the activity takes place.
  • In coherence with the fight against pollution we will not provide a plastic bottle of water with the picnic. We recommend you to bring your own non plastic bottle of water, if not we will provide you one.
  • This activity is organized from a huge respect to the environment and their main characters. We assume that the group will have an unremitting ethical behaviour.

Activity season:  From September to May depending on the probability of watching the


Middle day:

4-6 people; 25 euros/per.

3 people; 35 euros/per.

2 people; 45 euros/per.

1 person; 60 euros/per.

Complete day:

4-6 people; 55 euros/per.

3 people; 65 euros/per.

2 people; 75 euros/per.

1 person; 90 euros/per.