Raptors hides

The skies of Sierrra de Andújar are the scene of multitude of bird species. Big raptors presence in these territories is certainly a grate attraction for nature lovers and photographers.

The queen of this scenario is without any doubt the Iberian Imperial Eagle, endemic specie of Iberian Peninsula and one of the most threatened eagles in the world. Next to them ghost hawk and buzzards are the carnivorous birds most frequently seen surfing the sky.

In order to observe and immortalize these species here in the Reserva Ecologica “El Altozano” we count with two individual hide. This is an excellent opportunity to see these birds in their natural habitat without any interference on their activity. Baits are made according to the regulations and requirements stablished by the competent bodies.

Activity description:

Guides will pick up the clients at their hotel early in the morning and drive them to the reserve. After giving some instructions they will be introduced in the hide where they will remain for the rest of the journey. We also offer the possibility of having lunch (tasting local products without additional cost) in between sessions of hide. After the day is over the guides will pick the clients at the hide and drive them back to the hotel.

Activity season:  From September to June.


  • 1 person; 170 euros/person
  • 2 people; 150 euros/person