The thrill of Naturoots has a company format for pragmatic and social reasons. Living in harmony with nature, without pollution or damage requires a professional approach, more feasible from an enterprise platform. We have therefore transformed our feelings into a set of procedures that are based in the respect of nature and the maximization of the observer’s enjoyment in it. Because we are an enterprise, we say it in an appropriate way: we offer a quality service.

Naturrots´s service has to do with retrieving a kind of vital experience that is only possible in a rural environment, unfortunately in critical conditions right now. We must therefore protect it and take care of it to ensure its sustainability.

This is the social challenge that Naturoots faces, promoting environment responsible tourism, spreading the essential values of nature and reinforcing cultural connections that activates this coexistence. The implementation of tasks aimed to guarantee the sustainability and conservation of the environment is Naturoots´s operational core.

An ecosistemic vision like the one we defend emphaticizes the importance of including the human being as a substantial piece of the ecosystems we want to preserve. This fact pushes us away from the concept of a passive conservation that has caused so far a break between the object (media) and the subject (human) with very harmful consequences. We therefore join to the new philosophies that support a socio-ecological perspective in which human beings plays a very important roll, especially in the Mediterranean ecosystem, so transformed because of our presence for more than two thousand years.

Demographic mobility, rural abandonment and the consequent concentration of population in the cities sum a set of risks that added to the original ecosystem complexities supposes a challenge for the conservation goals that we defend in Naturoots. Spain has turned into an atypical demographic country in Europe where we can find huge land extensions with incredibly low population densities that can only compare with arid regions in the north of Finland. This implies a great loss of both natural and cultural values and increases the risk of degradation in many of the most valuable formations, from the ecological point of view, of our environment.

The need of restoring the connection with nature seems to be fundamental in the context in which we find ourselves right now. This is why Naturrots has acquired a social commitment that links us to the divulgation of traditional values as a basic tool to achieve sustainability objectives. The stabilization of employment in rural localities and participation in overall local development projects are also part of our social commitment.

This philosophy is what we wanted to implement in El Altozano estate (Sierra de Andúajar), with a management that started in 2017. The creation of a Technical Management Plan allowed this natural area to be declared as an Ecological Reserve, a figure geared towards conservation granted to private estates in Andalusia. The Plan includes, among others, actions aimed to habitat improvement, with special emphasis on the wild rabbit, key in the diet of the Iberian lynx and the Spanish imperial eagle.

For these purposes, we made artificial burrows  for rabbits, an artificial pond for amphibians (the only water point on the estate during the summer) and brush scrubbing in order to open clearings for pasture improvement. In addition, each year the mass of stone pine from past repopulations is clarified in search of a mixed forest, this allows light to filter down to the ground so that other species and regeneration can grow.


Naturrots is an enterprise and an emotion kept alive by the people who assume the responsibility of this initiative.

Alicia Jurado López, expert in Environmental Sciences. Logistics responsible in Banaca Travel trekking.

Andrés Palacios Pérez-Moreiras, graduate in Forestry Engineering and Master in Natural Protected Areas.

Daniel J. Risueño Sánchez, graduate in Forestry Engineering and Master in Natural Protected Areas.